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Aloha, Join us as we share the love story of Isabel and Joseph, a couple who met in college and built a life filled with joy, adventure, and unwavering commitment. Today, we're excited to relive their beautiful 10-year vow renewal at Hilton Waikoloa Village, a magical destination surrounded by Hawaii's breathtaking scenery.

Isabel and Joseph first crossed paths as college classmates and grew closer over time. They knew they had found "the one" in each other, as they could always make each other smile and feel complete. Through their shared experiences, the couple built a strong foundation of trust, respect, and understanding.

Isabel and Joseph Cruz Pre-Ceremony-008Isabel and Joseph Cruz Pre-Ceremony-008 Isabel and Joseph Cruz Pre-Ceremony-011Isabel and Joseph Cruz Pre-Ceremony-011

Isabel and Joseph eagerly anticipated their 10-year vow renewal ceremony at Hilton Waikoloa Village, surrounded by the happy faces of their loved ones. They looked forward to the sincere love they would see in each other's eyes as they reaffirmed their commitment. To them, living happily ever after means having someone by their side through both good and bad times.

Isabel and Joseph Cruz Pre-Ceremony-261Isabel and Joseph Cruz Pre-Ceremony-261 On their vow renewal day, both Isabel and Joseph got ready at the Hilton Grand Vacations Club Ocean Tower Waikoloa Village. The couple decided to capture a special first look before the ceremony, adding to the excitement of their day. They held their ceremony at Hilton Waikoloa Village, where the picturesque surroundings and beautiful pastel colors created a romantic atmosphere.

Isabel and Joseph Cruz Ceremony-101 copyIsabel and Joseph Cruz Ceremony-101 copy

Isabel and Joseph Cruz Ceremony-183Isabel and Joseph Cruz Ceremony-183 Isabel and Joseph Cruz Ceremony-197Isabel and Joseph Cruz Ceremony-197

The couple's vow renewal ceremony was an emotional and touching celebration of their love and commitment. As they exchanged vows, the sincerity of their love was evident in their eyes, and the joy and support of their family and friends filled the room. Isabel carried a special memorial charm in her bouquet, honoring her late father's memory.

Isabel and Joseph Cruz Reception-040Isabel and Joseph Cruz Reception-040 Isabel and Joseph Cruz Reception-124Isabel and Joseph Cruz Reception-124

Isabel and Joseph's vow renewal reception took place at Kamuela Provision Company, where guests enjoyed a delicious meal, great company, and a celebration of the couple's love. The reception featured stunning views of the ocean, lagoon waterfall, and sunset, making for memorable photos and videos. The couple shared a dance to "I Love You Always Forever," marking the continuation of their journey together.


As the night came to an end, Isabel and Joseph had a grand exit from their reception, complete with sparklers and confetti, leaving a lasting impression on their guests. The couple's 10-year vow renewal was a beautiful testament to their love, commitment, and the power of togetherness.

Isabel and Joseph Cruz Intimates-235Isabel and Joseph Cruz Intimates-235

Isabel and Joseph's heartfelt 10-year vow renewal at Hilton Waikoloa Village was a magical day filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable memories. We wish them a lifetime of happiness and look forward to sharing more snippets from their special day in our weekly social media updates. Stay tuned!


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Felicia and John Kabahit's Dream Hawaiian Wedding: A Celebration of Love, Laughter, and Adventure  


Aloha! Today we're sharing the beautiful Hawaiian wedding of Felicia and John Kabahit, a couple who found love online and celebrated their special day at the stunning Hilton Waikoloa Village, surrounded by the warmth of their family and friends. With the help of the amazing Jennifer Kadota, every detail of their wedding was a true reflection of their unique love story. Join us as we relive the magic of their wedding day and learn more about the couple's journey to happily ever after.

Fuentes and Kabahit Intimates-079Fuentes and Kabahit Intimates-079

The Love Story

Felicia and John met on eHarmony, with Felicia taking the first step by poking John. Their connection grew stronger over time, and they realized they had found "the one" in each other. The couple bonded over their shared love of food, Cal Football, and traveling, especially to Hawaii. They knew their relationship worked because of their mutual love, support, and ability to make each other better versions of themselves

Fuentes and Kabahit Intimates-161Fuentes and Kabahit Intimates-161 Fuentes and Kabahit Pre-Ceremony-022Fuentes and Kabahit Pre-Ceremony-022 Fuentes and Kabahit Reception-115Fuentes and Kabahit Reception-115

The Wedding Vision

When asked about the moments they were most excited for on their wedding day, Felicia and John mentioned getting ready with the girls, exchanging vows, sharing their first kiss, and enjoying the father-daughter first look. They also looked forward to seeing their family and friends having a great time while enjoying live entertainment, drinks, and dancing at the Hilton Waikoloa Village, with the incredible Jennifer Kadota ensuring everything went smoothly.

Fuentes and Kabahit Pre-Ceremony-397Fuentes and Kabahit Pre-Ceremony-397     Fuentes and Kabahit Pre-Ceremony-400Fuentes and Kabahit Pre-Ceremony-400 Fuentes and Kabahit Pre-Ceremony-405Fuentes and Kabahit Pre-Ceremony-405

The Ceremony at Hilton Waikoloa Village

The moment John had eagerly anticipated finally arrived as he watched Felicia walk down the aisle at the picturesque Hilton Waikoloa Village. With all eyes on the beautiful bride, the couple exchanged their vows and sealed their commitment with a first kiss. The ceremony was an emotional and joyous celebration, encapsulating the essence of their love story.

Fuentes and Kabahit Reception-016Fuentes and Kabahit Reception-016 Fuentes and Kabahit Reception-002Fuentes and Kabahit Reception-002

The Reception

The reception, held at the Hilton Waikoloa Village, was filled with laughter, dancing, and unforgettable moments. Felicia and John's family and friends enjoyed live entertainment, delicious food, and a lively atmosphere that mirrored the couple's fun-loving nature. The father-daughter dance was a particularly special moment, capturing the heartfelt bond between Felicia and her father. Jennifer Kadota's exceptional planning and coordination made the event truly memorable.

Fuentes and Kabahit Reception-292Fuentes and Kabahit Reception-292 Fuentes and Kabahit Reception-299Fuentes and Kabahit Reception-299 Fuentes and Kabahit Reception-156Fuentes and Kabahit Reception-156

Felicia and John's Hawaiian wedding at the Hilton Waikoloa Village was a beautiful celebration of their love, adventure, and the unique bond they share. We wish them a lifetime of happiness and look forward to seeing the memories they create together. A special thanks to Jennifer Kadota for making their dream wedding a reality. Stay tuned for more snippets from their special day in our weekly social media updates!


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Kim and Lars  

042-Kim_Lars_Pre-Ceremony-High-Res042-Kim_Lars_Pre-Ceremony-High-Res 057-Kim_Lars_Pre-Ceremony-High-Res057-Kim_Lars_Pre-Ceremony-High-Res 066-Kim_Lars_Pre-Ceremony-High-Res066-Kim_Lars_Pre-Ceremony-High-Res 067-Kim_Lars_Pre-Ceremony-High-Res067-Kim_Lars_Pre-Ceremony-High-Res 094-Kim_Lars_Pre-Ceremony-High-Res094-Kim_Lars_Pre-Ceremony-High-Res 099-Kim_Lars_Pre-Ceremony-High-Res099-Kim_Lars_Pre-Ceremony-High-Res 105-Kim_Lars_Pre-Ceremony-High-Res105-Kim_Lars_Pre-Ceremony-High-Res 109-Kim_Lars_Pre-Ceremony-High-Res109-Kim_Lars_Pre-Ceremony-High-Res 119-Kim_Lars_Pre-Ceremony-High-Res119-Kim_Lars_Pre-Ceremony-High-Res 115-Kim_Lars_Pre-Ceremony-High-Res115-Kim_Lars_Pre-Ceremony-High-Res 141-Kim_Lars_Pre-Ceremony-High-Res141-Kim_Lars_Pre-Ceremony-High-Res 150-Kim_Lars_Pre-Ceremony-High-Res150-Kim_Lars_Pre-Ceremony-High-Res 161-Kim_Lars_Pre-Ceremony-High-Res161-Kim_Lars_Pre-Ceremony-High-Res 215-Kim_Lars_Pre-Ceremony-High-Res215-Kim_Lars_Pre-Ceremony-High-Res 283-Kim_Lars_Pre-Ceremony-High-Res283-Kim_Lars_Pre-Ceremony-High-Res 285-Kim_Lars_Pre-Ceremony-High-Res285-Kim_Lars_Pre-Ceremony-High-Res 317-Kim_Lars_Pre-Ceremony-High-Res317-Kim_Lars_Pre-Ceremony-High-Res 318-Kim_Lars_Pre-Ceremony-High-Res318-Kim_Lars_Pre-Ceremony-High-Res 321-Kim_Lars_Pre-Ceremony-High-Res321-Kim_Lars_Pre-Ceremony-High-Res 287-Kim_Lars_Pre-Ceremony-High-Res287-Kim_Lars_Pre-Ceremony-High-Res 292-Kim_Lars_Pre-Ceremony-High-Res292-Kim_Lars_Pre-Ceremony-High-Res 003-Kim_Lars_Ceremony-High-Res003-Kim_Lars_Ceremony-High-Res 001-Kim_Lars_Ceremony-High-Res001-Kim_Lars_Ceremony-High-Res 017-Kim_Lars_Ceremony-High-Res017-Kim_Lars_Ceremony-High-Res 075-Kim_Lars_Ceremony-High-Res075-Kim_Lars_Ceremony-High-Res 084-Kim_Lars_Ceremony-High-Res084-Kim_Lars_Ceremony-High-Res 086-Kim_Lars_Ceremony-High-Res086-Kim_Lars_Ceremony-High-Res 089-Kim_Lars_Ceremony-High-Res089-Kim_Lars_Ceremony-High-Res 098-Kim_Lars_Ceremony-High-Res098-Kim_Lars_Ceremony-High-Res 144-Kim_Lars_Ceremony-High-Res144-Kim_Lars_Ceremony-High-Res 096-Kim_Lars_Ceremony-High-Res096-Kim_Lars_Ceremony-High-Res 165-Kim_Lars_Ceremony-High-Res165-Kim_Lars_Ceremony-High-Res 186-Kim_Lars_Ceremony-High-Res186-Kim_Lars_Ceremony-High-Res 065-Kim_Lars_Formals-High-Res065-Kim_Lars_Formals-High-Res 089-Kim_Lars_Formals-High-Res089-Kim_Lars_Formals-High-Res 082-Kim_Lars_Formals-High-Res082-Kim_Lars_Formals-High-Res 057-Kim_Lars_Intimates_High-Res057-Kim_Lars_Intimates_High-Res 071-Kim_Lars_Intimates_High-Res071-Kim_Lars_Intimates_High-Res 029-Kim_Lars_Intimates_High-Res029-Kim_Lars_Intimates_High-Res 039-Kim_Lars_Intimates_High-Res039-Kim_Lars_Intimates_High-Res 106-Kim_Lars_Intimates_High-Res106-Kim_Lars_Intimates_High-Res 096-Kim_Lars_Intimates_High-Res096-Kim_Lars_Intimates_High-Res 135-Kim_Lars_Intimates_High-Res135-Kim_Lars_Intimates_High-Res 001-Kim_Lars_Intimates_High-Res001-Kim_Lars_Intimates_High-Res

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Rachel and Evan Rachel_and_Evan_PreCeremony_HighRes_002Rachel_and_Evan_PreCeremony_HighRes_002 Rachel_and_Evan_PreCeremony_HighRes_063Rachel_and_Evan_PreCeremony_HighRes_063 Rachel_and_Evan_PreCeremony_HighRes_099Rachel_and_Evan_PreCeremony_HighRes_099 Rachel_and_Evan_Ceremony_HighRes_046Rachel_and_Evan_Ceremony_HighRes_046 Rachel_and_Evan_Ceremony_HighRes_063Rachel_and_Evan_Ceremony_HighRes_063 Rachel_and_Evan_Ceremony_HighRes_071Rachel_and_Evan_Ceremony_HighRes_071 Rachel_and_Evan_Ceremony_HighRes_080Rachel_and_Evan_Ceremony_HighRes_080 Rachel_and_Evan_Ceremony_HighRes_081Rachel_and_Evan_Ceremony_HighRes_081 Rachel_and_Evan_Ceremony_HighRes_119Rachel_and_Evan_Ceremony_HighRes_119 Rachel_and_Evan_Ceremony_HighRes_140Rachel_and_Evan_Ceremony_HighRes_140 Rachel_and_Evan_Ceremony_HighRes_168Rachel_and_Evan_Ceremony_HighRes_168 Rachel_and_Evan_Ceremony_HighRes_203Rachel_and_Evan_Ceremony_HighRes_203 Rachel_and_Evan_Ceremony_HighRes_227Rachel_and_Evan_Ceremony_HighRes_227 Rachel_and_Evan_Ceremony_HighRes_237Rachel_and_Evan_Ceremony_HighRes_237 Rachel_and_Evan_Intimates_HighRes_026Rachel_and_Evan_Intimates_HighRes_026 Rachel_and_Evan_Intimates_HighRes_049Rachel_and_Evan_Intimates_HighRes_049 Rachel_and_Evan_Intimates_HighRes_033Rachel_and_Evan_Intimates_HighRes_033 Rachel_and_Evan_Intimates_HighRes_067Rachel_and_Evan_Intimates_HighRes_067 Rachel_and_Evan_Intimates_HighRes_077Rachel_and_Evan_Intimates_HighRes_077 Rachel_and_Evan_Intimates_HighRes_090Rachel_and_Evan_Intimates_HighRes_090 Rachel_and_Evan_Intimates_HighRes_126Rachel_and_Evan_Intimates_HighRes_126 Rachel_and_Evan_PreCeremony_HighRes_117Rachel_and_Evan_PreCeremony_HighRes_117 Rachel_and_Evan_PreCeremony_HighRes_123Rachel_and_Evan_PreCeremony_HighRes_123 Rachel_and_Evan_Reception_HighRes_008Rachel_and_Evan_Reception_HighRes_008 Rachel_and_Evan_Reception_HighRes_012Rachel_and_Evan_Reception_HighRes_012 Rachel_and_Evan_Reception_HighRes_082Rachel_and_Evan_Reception_HighRes_082 Rachel_and_Evan_Reception_HighRes_084Rachel_and_Evan_Reception_HighRes_084 Rachel_and_Evan_Reception_HighRes_048Rachel_and_Evan_Reception_HighRes_048 Rachel_and_Evan_Reception_HighRes_066Rachel_and_Evan_Reception_HighRes_066 Rachel_and_Evan_Reception_HighRes_074Rachel_and_Evan_Reception_HighRes_074 Rachel_and_Evan_Reception_HighRes_083Rachel_and_Evan_Reception_HighRes_083 Rachel_and_Evan_Reception_HighRes_132Rachel_and_Evan_Reception_HighRes_132 Rachel_and_Evan_Reception_HighRes_145Rachel_and_Evan_Reception_HighRes_145 Rachel_and_Evan_Reception_HighRes_089Rachel_and_Evan_Reception_HighRes_089 Rachel_and_Evan_Reception_HighRes_185Rachel_and_Evan_Reception_HighRes_185 Rachel_and_Evan_Reception_HighRes_094Rachel_and_Evan_Reception_HighRes_094

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Jeff & Julie || A Highlights Film Jeff & Julie - A Highlights Film

Happy Belated Anniversary to the beautiful Julie and Jeff Fuchs. It is hard to believe that 1 year has already gone by. It truly was a star-studded event with some of the most influential people in the state of Hawaii there to celebrate these two coming together; I mean, when your dad is Mr. Henk Rogers, you know you are in for a fun filled evening of pure amazingness.

Special thanks and shout-outs are in order for making this day a blast to film. First we need to thank Josh and Miho of Fletch Photography for being so awesome to work with; it is always a blessing working with them. Next we want to thank Vintage and Lace for the phenomenal decor…talk about just being completely blown away with the details.

Here is the film we designed for this amazing couple. Cheers to many more years of pure wedding bliss for Julie and Jeff!

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David & Christine || A Highlights Film David & Christine | - A Highlights Film

Hilo, Hawaii - 

This was a special film as our very own David from Techy3 tied the knot with his love Christine. We were honored to put together their film for their special day. 

- Studio -


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Brian and Courtney Brian and Courtney - A Highlights FilmFour Seasons Hualalai at the Historic Ka'upulehu - Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Four Seasons Resort Hualalai

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Chelbie and Noland Engagement We had such a fun time with this cute couple. Here are some photos from their engagement session. Can't wait till their special day! 

Chelbie and Noland

Chelbie and Noland

Chelbie and Noland Chelbie and Noland

Chelbie and Noland

Chelbie and Noland

Chelbie and Noland

Chelbie and Noland Chelbie and Noland



Chelbie and Noland

Chelbie and Noland

Chelbie and Noland

Chelbie and Noland Chelbie and Noland

Chelbie and Noland

Chelbie and Noland

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