Meet the Team


PatPatrickThe Producer  

Jenkins is your typical ENFP; extremely extroverted…sometimes to a fault.  He is married to his beautiful high school sweetheart Jade, and they have three awesome kids named: Dylan, Isaiah, and Kaleb; Kaleb is a story in and of itself…just ask Patrick and he will tell you.

Patrick’s passion for filmmaking began as he was finishing up his teaching certification, and was asked to join New Hope Christian Fellowships multimedia team; not knowing anything about film he quickly fell in love with the magic it possessed.  Like the beginning of every great story it always involves: People, Place, and Purpose
People: Patrick has been fortunate enough to have learned from some of the best in the industry, and continues to grow in the area or directing, producing, and editing.
Place: Patrick is a local boy, born and raised on the beautiful island of Hawaii and he loves to travel…he finally made it to Pualani Gold!
Purpose: Patrick's view on filmmaking is to listen and let the story move you…everything else will fall into place.

A man of few words. Kevin lets his work speak for him. As the Creative Director of the Team he ensures that all the work that leaves the studio is above and beyond what is expected.

Husband. Friend. Follower of Christ. World traveler. Foodie. Photographer. Cinematographer. Story teller. Visual artist. 

MattMattThe Director Matt is a young, skillful cinematographer with various self-taught talents in Film production and Editing. His young career started here with us at Techy3 as an Intern now grown to be our lead cinematographer and editor. Having deep roots with his faith drive him to further pursue a career in Film. The dedication and creativity he has is demonstrated in the quality of his work!
YetiDavidThe Yeti Yeti.
PilotChrisThe Pilot Stud.